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Video Game Making in Education

Dear World,

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world so why not get your students involved in the production of their own games using these free tools.

There are quite a few free video game making software programs available on the Internet. These titles range in complexity from very easy to quite complex. This range of software means you can have very young students creating their own video games as well as high school students. I've listed below a variety of free software that can make 3d worlds, platformers, virtual pinball machines, retro games and even First Person Shooters. Have fun!


Atmosphir is a brand new online concept for creating video games with children. A nice first step.

Video Game Controller

My 'draft' Video Game Making Assignment - This is a sample task & timeline that worked really well for my high school students. Feel free to adapt it to meet your needs.

Adventure Maker - free software for creating graphic adventure games similar to Myst.

Kodu is a highly visual way of making 3d video games with students. It has heaps of support to help you get started.


Klik& Play is entry level game making software. It is very easy to use & has simple tutorials. Great for the beginning game designer.

Video Game Making Software - Klik n Play
Video Game Making Software
GameMaker - intermediate video game making software for creating platformers & retro style arcade games.

Future Pinball - is free, easy to use and creates wonderful virtual pinball tables.

Reality Factory - a powerful free program for creating FPS games without coding. This one is definitely for older students of game design.

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