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Teach Writing These writing resources are great for: writing revision, writing reference charts, learning difficulties students, special education students, creating writing vocabulary displays, writing focuses, homework help or hanging on the back of the bathroom door :)
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Explanation Text Type

Teaching Explanation - posters to aid your teaching of this text type

teaching writing - to homophone poster

To Poster - 'to' as 'motion towards'

teaching writing - too homophone poster

Too Poster - 'too' as 'more than required'


teaching writing - homophone poster too

Too Poster
- 'too' as 'also'



teaching writing homophone two

Two Poster
- the number 'two'


Spelling Strategy A Lot

A Lot - I like this spelling strategy a lot!

Teaching Writing - How is it Said?

How is 'said' said? -
An animated collection of ideas to help eliminate the repetition of 'said' in student narratives.












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