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(a printable donationware reading game that focuses on soft 'c' & soft 'g')

So what is donationware?

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Adrian Bruce - 2 Eskimo Ct Wollongbar NSW Australia 2477

The Guys Providing the soft c and g  game :)

Thank the Game Creators




Dear World,

Your students will really enjoy this fantastic phonics game. It'll turn reading activities into a lot of fun. They will especially like modifying the game so they use their own actions and sayings.

Here are a few of the words from the game...

Soft g
Soft c
When 'g' is followed by 'e', 'i' or 'y' it usually has a soft 'g' sound.

gingerbread man

When 'c' is followed by 'e', 'i' or 'y' it usually has a soft 'c' sound.

cement mixer

Read this before you download
ace is one of the words in this soft sound game
Download and Enjoy

Acrobat Version - 564Kb

The rules are also given in the games download.

For this game just right click on the version you need, choose 'save target as' then print it out and play. You'll need to be patient with this one. It's big :)

Soft Sound Slap


Print the gamecards, laminate them if possible and cut them out.

How to Play:

1. Two or three players sit facing each other.
2. A leader shuffles the cards well and gives out the whole pack evenly amongst the players with the gamecards face down.
3. No one may look at their cards and the object of the game is to 'win' all the gamecards.
4. The player to the left of the leader begins by flipping their top card into the centre of the players and reads the word aloud to the group. The players continue around the group doing the same.
5. If the upturned card is:

a) the giant - the children must say 'Fi-fi-fo-fum' loudly and then slap their hands on the pile of cards
b) the circus - the children must put their thumbs in their ears and wiggle their fingers and then slap their hands on the cards.
c) the 'Soft C Rule ' - the children must salute each other and read the rule aloud, then slap their hands on the pile.
d) the 'Soft G Rule ' - the children must salute each other and read the rule aloud, then slap their hand on the pile.

NB You can change the gamecards that signal the grab and have the children make up the actions and what is said. In this way you can also make the game as quiet or as noisy as you like.

6. The child with their hand on top of the pile wins all the cards.
7. The winner of the whole game is the person who wins all the cards.