Go Fish - a printable phonics game for learning about syllables in reading or spelling - Feel free to print it out.
Syllables Reading Game Card
Go Fish - Reading game graphic
(Learning about Syllables)
Syllables Reading Game Card

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Dear Educators of the World,

Here is a great example of what people can achieve using the relatively simple technology of the Internet. Billy Reid is a reading tutor in Northern Ireland and is using the games offered below with his students to great effect. He has emailed them to me and I've added them to my site for you to download.

Thanks a for the superb work 'SUPERBILL' !

Word Version

Acrobat Version

A few words from the game: trumpet, selfish, dentist, contest, splendid, whisper, chicken, plastic, problem, master, content, admit, escape, unlock, number, seldom, often...


Printable syllables game 2 graphic

Word Download

Acrobat Version

A few words from the game: fading, total, human, silent, robot, music, tiger, taken, broken, relax, tulip, omit, timer, pilot...

Printable syllables game 3 graphic

Word Download

Acrobat Version

A few words from the game: lemon, robin, cabin, salad, panic, wagon, rapid, solid, rapid, salad, finish, comet, pedal, travel, dragon...

NB The rules to these gamse are given in the printed version.


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