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Science Homework Ideas

Science - The world of Science & Technology is growing and changing constantly yet most of our Science and Technolgy syllabuses rarely embrace or cater for this fact. I feel that one of the major challenges for us as educators is to have children leave elementary, or primary schooling, with the desire to know more about the world around them. Often the love and passion for finding out is killed off in the early years of schooling by pictures pasted on cardboard. The activities listed here are designed to foster a desire to know, question, explore and find out. Enjoy!




Australian Aboriginal Astronomy

Aboriginal Astronomy
Know the Stories!


walking with dinosaurs

Who Were the Dinosaurs
who Roamed Your Neigbourhood?

Science of Plants

What Plant
or Flower
is THAT?

Science Experiments and Demonstrations

Science to Make
Us All Go Wow!!!




Natural Environment

How it Works
Natural Environment


How It Works
(Made Environment)


What Scientist
is That?

Online Science Sites

What is the Best Online
Science Site on the Internet?

Greenhouse Effect and Ozone Depletion

The Greenhouse Effect
& Ozone Depletion

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