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Web Design
Web Design
Some Tips and Tricks

Dear World,

Over the years I've used many free web design software tools in my classroom. Some of my favourites have been Netscape Composer, Mozilla Composer but now I'm experimenting with New View (NVU)

Web Design

The webpages on this site were built by my class a few years ago using mostly free software.

Check Out the Starfish Class for some ideas on how to use it with your class.

Ideas for classroom activities:

* Children publish their writing online by working in pairs.
* Get involved in a collaborative project like The Global Virtual Classroom
* Make a resource that you can't find online.

Webpage Design Software
Download NVU here.

Tips and Tricks:

* Have the children work in pairs and use my job description badges to define their roles.
* As you explore the software print up a procedure on 'How to Make a Webpage' like these to make the job easier.

More Free Software