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They are like Post It
notes for your desktop
Dear World,

This is a little piece of free reminder software that is very simple, easy to use and oh so effective. I find that it helps me big time with my time management.

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You can:

* stickies appear on your desktop as soon as you turn on your computer
* change the look of your stickies - colour, font & background
* set an alarm
* rescue lost stickies
* set them to pop up at a specified period - eg remember birthday gift :)
* download it and use it for

Reminder Software
Download this Free
Reminder Software here.


Tips and Tricks:

* Right click the little yellow post-it icon that appears in your systems tray on install and choose 'New Sticky' to create your first virtual post-it.

* The kids seem to love the 'transparency' function - Right click on your first sticky and play with the 'transparency' & 'colour' function.

* Left click on the post-it icon and the stickies will pop up over your work. You then click your work and they go back into the background.

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