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Dear World,

All of my games are available as pdf files so that people can have free access to them.

I'm currently using a piece of software called PrimoPDF to convert my word processing documents to PDF.

pdf creation

Tips and Tricks:

* File / Print and use the drop down menu to select PrimoPDF rather than the printer.

* Fill in the document descriptors with something generic so you don't have to keep changing it.

* Convert some standard forms into pdf and host them on your website so people can print them them out and fill them in. Then mail them to you. Saves on time, postage and lost notes.

* Make the convert your newsletter to pdf and make it available online.

* Email your newsletter out as pdf.

* Add annotations to Word document and then save them as pdf so the comments can't be changed.

Download the Primo PDF software here.

Primo PDF Creation Software

Here is some software that friends have recommended but I haven't tried:

PDF Creator and Cute PDF Writer

Online PDF Creation:

There are also a few online pdf creators you might like to try if you are stuck somewhere without your favourite software.

Online PDF creator

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