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Some Tips and Tricks for Digital Storytelling
Dear World,

There are many software packages out there that you can use for digital storytelling but one that I have had recent success with is the Free Microsoft Product Photostory 3.

Ideas for classroom activities:

* Take several digital cameras to school events or on an excursion. Place all photos into a network folder and have the students create a Photostory of the events.

* Have the students take digital photos of their art samples and write poetry about what Art is then make a digital presentation of their art and their poetry.

* Have the students work in pairs so they can learn from each other.

* If you're teaching adult ed a great activity is for them to make a digital story of a 'life changing event'. A time when your life took a dramatic turn.

* Try to 'Rise Above the Usual' - Try some Ecphastic Poetry :)

* Think about how you can integrate/combine this piece of software with a traditional classroom activity to make it more engaging. eg How can you incorporate it into Phonics, Science, Maths, Social Studies/Human Society etc

* Put together a photostory for graduation night.

Tips and Tricks:

* Write up a task as a design brief to help guide the students towards 'better' storytelling.

* When introducing the software make a few jokes about how truely horrible the music is :) - Leads to discussion on how music is meant to support the mood of a digital work.

PhotoStory 3
Download this digital storytelling
software for free here.

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