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Access free professional development and entertainment automatically with Itunes.
Free video & audio downloads!
Dear World,

With the growth educational podcasting (audio files delivered via the Internet) it has never been easier to have access to experts in the field of education. You just subscribe to some shows and then each time you fire up Itunes it downloads the shows in the background. I'm finding that I can do some of my professional development by listening to these audio files on my Ipod or on my computer. I can listen to them in the car on the way to work or from the sidelines of my son's soccer practice. :)

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These are the
podcasts I'm
subscribed to.


You can:

* use this software on Apple computers and PCs
* search for and subscribe to shows(podcasts) through the Itunes store for free
* download audio education based shows
* download video education based shows
* choose to upload the shows to an Ipod or leave them on your computer
* if the show is a bit slow you fast forward through it (unlike traditional radio)
* have the shows download automatically or have the program ask you if you want to download them
* use this software to buy Itunes Music from Apple online
* use this software to manage all your music files
* burn your audio files to CD with Itunes

Tips and Tricks:

* Press the 'Music Store' button and then search a complete directory of all sorts of podcasts. Your bound to find something interesting.
* if you find a podcast website you like you can subscribe by pressing the little subscribe button and then copying the web address that ends with rss or xml into Itunes by Advanced / Subscribe to podcast.
* Discuss podcasts that you've listened to in the staffroom or online with your friends.
* Turn off the podcasts every now and then and listen to your great music collection and relax a little :)

Download this Free
Podcatching Software here

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