When doing collaborative computer group work I use these job descriptions, roles & badges - operator, manager & recorder.

Collaborative Group Work Organisation

When working on collaborative group tasks on computers in my classroom the children work in pairs or threes and each group member has a role.

The Monitor

The following job descriptions are stuck to the outside of the monitors with blu-tac and each group member wears a badge with their job on it.

Examples of what we have
achieved using this method

The Job Descriptions

Only person with hand on mouse.
Does what the Manager Says!
Asks question of manager.
- How do I ………?
- What do I ……….?
Reads the Screen ALOUD to the Manager

TELLS operator what to do.
No Pointing!
Must describe using correct terms.
Does 'Ask 3 then ME'.

- The Recorder is the person responsible for the whole group's written answers.
- They must write down what the Manager and Operator say.

NB The Recorder is used when doing webquests.

Feel free to have a go at this strategy. It works really well.

Operator - Word Acrobat
Manager - Word Acrobat
Recorder - Word Acrobat
















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