Google Earth - No ordinary mapping tool but a Fantastic Piece of Softwarel for Motivation towards Improve Reading Comprehension & Spatial Intelligence


Dear World,

Wow! What a tool!

When teaching reading to the higher grades you often find that the students can read all the words esp place names but if you question them on where the place is a teachable moment arises.

I'm a big believer in the Reciprocal Reading Strategy with the older grades. So often you hear this tired cliché that from 'K-2 they learn to read and from Yr3 to 6 they read to learn'. After teaching nearly 500 students in my time, I am yet to see one that does not benefit from instruction. If you ask them to use an atlas you are often greeted by a collective groan.

google earth for comprehension


- integration into the Wikipedia - links directly from a feature or location on the earth to the corresponding article.
- fly to mode is cool
- the new seamless interface is much nicer
- 3D city overlays
Tips and Tricks:

* I can see my house from here! - Let them try to find where they live. Everyone I have every shown this program wants to see if they can find their house. Just let them and then get on with using Google Earth as a tool.
* Turn on 'Google Community' to find...
* use the tilt function for a more realistic view
* find some kml files to overlay - realtime airport data - how high etc a particular flight...
- look for places in novels and information texts
- see where key battles of history were fought
- look for volcanos, mountains, waterfalls, national landmarks e.g. The Grand Canyon,Ularoo (Ayres Rock) The Sydney Opera House,

Google Earth
Download it and have a play

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