Computer audio production software is ideal for digital story telling. You can create your own audio production school.


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Dear World,

With the recent explosing in podcasting, you have the opportunity for your students to create their own 'radio show' for a world wide audience. Best of all, it can be done using the free audio production software Audacity.

Here are some ideas for integrating audio production into the classroom:

* record the name of a child into the the interface and have them hypothesize as to how it will sound in reverse. Then apply the reverse effect to the name and play it. THey also love the pitch shift slider.

* Set up a team to produce a 6 minute 'radio' show. Evaluate the process so as to improve the next show.

* Integrate an audio production task into one of your areas of study.

* Create a collaborative audio production with a school on the other side of the world using email and Audacity.

* Have a listen to my class' podcasts for a bit of inspiration for your own.

Tips and Tricks:

* Catch cry for copyright awareness- 'If it is not yours or it is not free then don't use it'.

* Research and discuss copyright issues esp the Creative Commons licence.

* Cheap microphones are fine for experimenting.

* Get a splitter that allows 2 pairs of headphones can fit on one machine.

* When sitting side by side working on a computer have the children take the headphone off one of their ears so they don't yell at each other.

* Assign each group a couple of the effects from the effects section to experiment with and report back to the class on.

* Add sound effects from -Sound FX

NB If you wish to convert your audio into MP3s you'll need to download the LAME plugin from the same site if you wish to convert your files to MP3 files

Audio Production Software

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