What Plant or Flower is THAT?
We Are Surrounded by Plants and Flowers in Our Gardens
and Countryside but What do We Really Know About Them?

The field of Botany is huge yet the curriculum is so crowded that it is often hard to generate enthusiasm towards the plant world.

This activity is one I do just to get some discussion happening and a few different research skills ie 'How do I find out this stuff?' 'Mmmm, you could ask someone who is likely to know' :)

Your Task - When you leave school today I want you to take note of the plants and flowers on your way home and when you come across one that you know nothing about, that one will become your subject of study.

Include on your Mind Map: A detailed central drawing of the plant, its common name, its scientific name, where it is found, a close up drawing of the leaf, is it native or imported? Is it deciduous or not, does it flower or fruit, how does it proliferate? if it is edible? (we have an amazing amount of bush tucker in Australia), plus any other interesting facts about it.

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