Nanotechnology - Quantum Theory - Biotechnology - Stem Cell Research? What's New?

What's New Under the Sun!
Nanotechnology - Quantum Theory - Biotechnology - Stem Cell Research!

Our students inhabit a world where Science & Technology is progressing at amazing speed yet most Science syllabuses remain static documents unable to cope with this change.

Your challenge - inspire your students to desire to explore cutting edge science.

Introduction - Find some articles to read them about interesting areas of research in Science. Or... just tell them students about how the science of today will be places they will probably work in years to come. e.g. the field of Nanotechnology where tiny robots may be injected into your blood stream so they can hunt down and eliminate cancer cells.

Task - Research what you think is one of the most exciting areas of Science and let us know what is currently happening in this field.

You may like to consider: Medicine, Nanotechnology, Space Exploration, Cosmology, Deep Sea Exploration, Archeology, Quantum Computing, Robotics, SETI or any other field that you think will interest the class.

You must present your findings as a two paragraph summary to be read to the class, be compiled into a class book amd uploaded to your blog.

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