Great Inventions- bras, zippers, pencils, paper, TV and so much more

Inventions You Probably Haven't
Thought Much About

We are surrounded by objects that had to have been invented some time. But when?

It is an urban legend that the modern bra (or brassiere) was invented by Samuel Titsling :) It was in fact invented by Mary Phelps Jacob in 1910 and replaced the corset. This invention has meant women are a lot more comfortable and can get dressed a lot faster.

The zipper also has an interesting history as do: RADAR, biros, velcro, paper, light bulbs, SCUBA, the electric chair, cars, musical instruments, schools, fireworks, pasta, books, rockets, photography, post it notes, safety pins, the telephone, the aeroplane, barbed wire, the computer mouse... the list is almost endless.

Task: Find one invention that you haven't thought much about but would like to see how it came about. (I use the above list as examples).

Record your invention on a single poster at the front of the room so there will be no doubling up.

Present your research as a mindmap that includes: Their inventions name (placed in the centre with a picture), who invented it, when it was invented, the effects of the invention on the world, any controversy associated with the invention, plus any other interesting facts they discover. (Like who didn't take out a patent on a really famous invention)

The mind maps are then bound and made into a class book. I'm always surprised at how popular this class book is.

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