Walking With Dinosaurs In Your Neighbourhood
What dinosaurs would you be walking with?

walking with dinosaurs

Every child who gets into dinosaurs toys or dinosaur posters know the names of T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. However, every country has their own interesting dinosaurs and megafauna that the children love to find out about.

Since I live in Australia I get my students to mind map an interesting Australian dinosaur. On the mind map they outline such things as: the dinosaurs' name, size and weight, where and when were the first fossils discovered, period they lived in, how long ago they lived, diet, interesting features, what modern animals are they related to, locomotion plus any other interesting facts and features.

Here is an example of a mind map done on Steropodons.

Hint - I find having the information presented as a mind map avoids straight 'copy and pasting' and then you can demonstrate 'expanding notes out'.

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