What Are Binary Numbers? - Base 2 - It's Easy!

Teaching Binary Code is Actually Very Easy

Expose Your Students to Alternate Bases


In Australia learning alternate number systems is in the New South Wales K-6 Mathematics Syllabus as 'optional' topic. I try to make sure I expose all my students to binary some time through the year as it is not as 'hard' as some may think.

Our High School Information Software & Technology courses also require the students to be able to convert binary numbers to Base 10 and vice versa.

So here are a few teaching resources that I've used to make the job a little easier.

Task: Working with a partner and using the resources on this page explore the Base 2 number system so you can explain the 11 jokes on this page. :)

Binary on Your Fingers - here is a fantastic downloadable comic strip that outlines the principals behind the binary system.

binary code

Counting in Binary Game - Once you have the basic principles of binary under control you should be ready to attack this binary code online game.

binary code

binary code

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