Secret Codes for Kids

Codes & Ciphers (or Cyphers)
(What Are They? How Have They Been Used?)



Introduction: Secrets have been kept in code for thousand of years. Sometimes messages need to be transported and it is very important that other people don't read them.


Initial Task: a) Define 'cryptography'. b) What is the difference between the words 'code' and 'cipher'

Possible Codes to Investigate the Story Of- Morse code, semaphore, The Enigma Code, The story of breaking the Egyptian hieroglyph code, Beale Ciphers, Voynich Manuscript, Dorabella Cipher, The Zimmerman Telegram, Kryptos, The Rosetta Stone, Poe's Cryptographic Challenge, Oak Island Money Pit Cipher Stone, 128K encryption, Bletchley Park...+ any that you know of.

Possible Code Tasks

- You must find a code that you find interesting and write a simple sentence using it. NB the message must bring a smile to the face of the recipients.

You must then provide the key to the code to a group of your classmates and transmit your message to them. A secret code website like this one or a crytography website like this onemay be of help.

- Make up your own very clever code after viewing a few of the more famous codes.

- Write occasional messages to your class in code.

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